Published Work

Leonardo Gentil-Fernandes, João V. Guedes-Neto and José Incio. 2022. “From Drug Lords to Police State: The Effects of Order Transition on Local Economies.” Comparative Political Studies. [paper] [replication]

Working Papers

Creating Rebels: An Agent-Based Model of Rebel Group Formation

Rebel with a Cause: Rebel Group Goals and Cooperation in Civil War

Buying Survival: Coup Risk, International Accountability, and Mercenary Use, with Kelly Morrison and Jacob Otto (Revise and Resubmit)

Corrupting the Battlefield: How Corruption Influences Belligerents’ Battlefield Performance,” with Jacob Otto (Revise and Resubmit)

A Generative Model of Grid-Cell Level Violence: Projecting Latent Actor-Enmity Networks Across Space (PLAENS), with Michael Colaresi, Kevin Greene, and Daniel Gustafson

Are Nonviolent Self-Determination Contagious?: Examining Nonviolent Demonstration Effects in Multi-ethnic Societies, with Nils-Christian Bormann and Burcu Savun

Sector-Based Support for Repressed Groups: Evidence from the Brazilian Landless Rural Workers’
Movement, with Kelly Morrison